Hi! My name is Peter and I am the owner/operator of Wollongong Wind Repairs. I hold a Bachelor of Music Education and have more than 10 years experience working in the education sector. I have taught music to students as young as 2 and as old as 85, in primary schools, high schools, community colleges and community music schools. I have directed a wide variety of bands and ensembles, and therefore have first-hand knowledge of the demands placed on band directors.

I have always enjoyed taking instruments apart and putting them back together, and in 2015 decided to undertake further studies in instrument repair and technology. I trained at CIOMIT in the USA where I successfully completed the flute, clarinet and saxophone repair courses, and I certainly plan to undertake more study in the future.

I was taught this fine craft by Dan Parker, a master craftsman with over 40 years experience in this trade. His clients include top professional musicians from around the world, including but not limited to James Galway, Al Hood, Anne Giles, Gerald Thatcher, Dana Wheaton, John Jorgenson, Frank Morgan, David Wells, Wayne Bergeron, Kathy Brantigan and many more. He is the creator of the infamous and rare Cashel Crystal Bell Trumpet played by L.A.’s first call players. As well as this, he is the owner of the Original Swab Company which manufactures over 60 products for the care and maintenance of musical instruments.

I take pride in providing high quality care for woodwind instruments. At this point in time, I only work on woodwind instruments, and my major interests are flute repairs as well as turning (often battered) school instruments back into a solid playing condition. As stated before, I understand the often limited budgets of school music departments all too well and always try do to anything I can to make the most out of these limited funds. I operate from a custom built workshop in Wollongong, just south of Sydney.


Peter did a great job on a very difficult repair on my flute headjoint. He is professional and provides helpful information when dealing with customers.
Rudy, March 2017

Fantastic service, great communication, helpful, knowledgeable, skilled and friendly. We will definitely return.
Lisa, January 2017

Peter did a fantastic job. My brand new Bass Clari never played high notes well. Peter made four little adjustments and it plays smooth as silk. Better than new. Very reasonable pricing and fast service.
Greg, November 2016

Peter is just great to deal with. Honest and trustworthy which is just what you need if you are going to let him loose on your loved instruments
Alex, July 2016

Have your instrument repaired by a repairer that cares. Great attention to detail and no short cuts. Highly recommend.
Daniel, March 2016

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